Episode #034: Your Pocket Sailing Instructor Podcast Boat Winterizing!

This week I am back to regular episodes and focusing on boat winterizing! Boo!! This means I’m putting my Spindrift away for a few months, but such is life. I do LOVE having seasons and the shifting weather though, just not the fact that I won’t be sailing for a few months ;-).

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Key Tips With Boat Winterizing

  • Sails & Canvas – remove, clean, repair as needed
  • Electronics – remove, update, clean
  • Safety Gear – remove, clean, repair, replace as needed
  • Water Systems – empty, clean, pump through antifreeze
  • Fuel Systems – fill tank, add stabilizer, empty any water, change filters

I have created a FREE checklist for you to download!

Take the guesswork out of winterizing with my thorough, organized, checklist!

Overall, winterizing your boat properly, and thoroughly, will help you make sure that you can kick off next season quickly, and with fewer headaches! Put in the work now, and reap the rewards next season. I have also created a Spring Maintenance Checklist so you can kick off your next season on the right foot as well! You can download your copy here!

Happy boating friends!

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