Classroom Training

Sail Nelson offers several ashore classes to help further your boating education. Our classes predominantly follow the Sail Canada curriculum, however we have also added in a few of our own as requested by our students.

Here are some of our classroom training courses:

VHF Radio

Did you know that it is illegal to operate a marine VHF radio without a license? This short course will cover all aspects of radio operation including the new Digital Selective Calling (DSC) function.

Coastal Navigation

Sail Canada has introduced two new Coastal Navigation standards: Basic and Intermediate. These two standards used to be one course, however they have now been divided into two, more comprehensive, standards.

Sail Nelson is hoping to offer the Basic Coastal Navigation course in the Fall of 2019. However, in the meantime should you wish to complete the course, you may do so online.


We have several other courses that we will be adding for 2019! Keep an eye on the website for updates!

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