Sail Nelson offers several classroom courses to help you further your boating education. Our classes predominantly follow the Sail Canada curriculum, however we have also added in a few of our own classroom courses as requested by our students.

Classroom Courses

VHF Marine Radio: Did you know that it is illegal to operate a marine radio without a license? The objective of this course is for you to learn how to communicate and handle emergency situations on a VHF marine radio.  This short course will cover all aspects of radio operation including the new Digital Selective Calling (DSC) function.

Coastal Navigation: Coastal Navigation is the art of safely navigating your vessel from Point A to Point B (and everything in between!). Knowing how to read charts, use your GPS and understand the weather & sea conditions are key skills for all mariners.

FREE Online Courses

Sail Nelson is now happy to provide free online content! Several courses have been created to help you learn some new tricks and review theory.

Getting Ready to Sail!
Collision Regulations

Do you know your navigational aids? Test your knowledge of the Special Purpose Buoys, Daybeacons or learn to identify boats at night!

Other Review Courses

VHF Radio Simulator

Parts of the Boat

All of our classroom training courses are eligible for our Travis McGregor Seamanship Award!