In September 2022, I was lucky enough to be part of a Canadian sailing flotilla in Croatia!

We had an amazing time during this trip and I recorded four podcast episodes to specifically talk about different aspects of our trip. Enjoy!

Chartering in Croatia – Episode Breakdown

EP 30: Sailing in Croatia – this episodes talks about what we needed to prepare for our trip. Sailing certifications, passports, paperwork, deposits, etc. I also talked about some of my expectations for the trip as well as my crew selection.

EP 31: Chartering in Croatia – this episode focusses more closely on what I packed and how LOL. I start diving into our boat and some of the checks I performed prior to our departure. I also dig into the costs of things (marina, fuel, food, etc.)

EP 32: Adventuring in Croatia – here I start to talk about our itinerary and some of the highlights of each stop. We hit all of the big must-see places and had a blast exploring on land as well as sea.

EP 33: Croatia – finally I end off with discussing our provisioning, menu planning, check in process and other random boat things I wish I had done or known.