Vic Maui 2018

In 2018 I had the pleasure of joining 7 others to deliver the vessel Turnagain back to Victoria from Maui. Turnagain had successfully completed another Vic Maui International Yacht Race and it was time to bring her home… here are the blogs I wrote up about our adventures in the Pacific. Enjoy!

Ocean Adventures: Who’s Who?

Ocean Adventures: Casting Off!

Ocean Adventures: This too shall pass…

Ocean Adventures: Pacific Ocean Facts

Ocean Adventures: Privacy Issues

Ocean Adventures: Sneaky Simon

Ocean Adventures: Heading Home

The Commandments of Ocean Sailing

I also wrote a series of blogs leading up to the trip and what kind of gear I was planning to purchase and pack…

Gear Review: Base Layers

Gear Review: Duffel Bags & Packing Cubes

Gear Review: Foul Weather Gear

Gearing up!

Hope you find some useful information and enjoy some fun laughs! The Big Blue is definitely a humbling place to be and I highly recommend challenging yourself with an adventure like this!

Captain Penny

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