In 2018 I had the pleasure of joining 7 others to deliver the vessel Turnagain back to Victoria from Maui. Turnagain had successfully completed another Vic-Maui International Yacht Race and it was time to bring her home… here are the blogs I wrote up about our adventures in the Pacific. Enjoy!

Ocean Adventures: Who’s Who?

Ocean Adventures: Casting Off!

Ocean Adventures: This too shall pass…

Ocean Adventures: Pacific Ocean Facts

Ocean Adventures: Privacy Issues

Ocean Adventures: Sneaky Simon

Ocean Adventures: Heading Home

The Commandments of Ocean Sailing

I also wrote a series of blogs leading up to the trip and what kind of gear I was planning to purchase and pack…

Gear Review: Base Layers

Gear Review: Duffel Bags & Packing Cubes

Gear Review: Foul Weather Gear

Gearing up!

Hope you find some useful information and enjoy some fun laughs! The Big Blue is definitely a humbling place to be and I highly recommend challenging yourself with an adventure like this!

Captain Penny