Episode #033: Your Pocket Sailing Instructor Podcast Croatia – Boat Provisioning & Other Boat Stuff

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For my last podcast in this series on our trip to Croatia, I am going to talk about our boat provisioning. I’ll also talk about some of the boat things that were included, and some things that were not. I’ve got a pretty good idea now of what the essentials would be for you to purchase when you arrive in Croatia!

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I have created a provisioning list just for you! FREE download which includes sample meal plans and a few of my favourite recipes! Enjoy!

Boat Stuff

So just a quick note about the types of things you may, or may not, have on the boat when you arrive:

  • toiletpaper
  • biodegradable cleaning supplies
  • dishsoap
  • dishcloths
  • papertowel

Most charter companies will have different packages that you can add on. We included the “comfort package” which included bathroom towels, bedding, pillows, blanket, cockpit cushions and wi-fi. The wi-fi was awesome to have.

Boat Provisioning 1-0-1

Alright, to start off this process you need to know what kind of refrigeration options you have available to you on the boat. For us, while chartering in Croatia we had a fridge and freezer. Pretty straightforward. Next, you need to consult your crew for food allergies, dislikes and must-haves. It is important to know what your crew cannot live without! If someone is used to having a piece of chocolate every afternoon as a snack, you’ll want them to continue that during your trip. There is nothing worse than being out of your own environment and routine, and then having cravings for something you regularly have on top of it. Recipe for disaster! You’ll also want to figure out where you are stopping and when, to see which fresh produce is available to you and plan your meals accordingly.

Packaging Tips

Saving space is essential on a boat and so choosing packaging that doesn’t take up much space is key. Select

  • avoid glass
  • wine & juice in bags instead of bottles
  • cardboard is tricky, put into plastic stackable bins
  • dry goods in bins

The Basics

Make sure you stock up on a few basics:

  • herbs & spices
  • oils & vinegar: for cooking, making dressings, etc.
  • Salt & pepper
  • Butter
  • Tea & coffee
  • Condiments like ketchup, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, any other staples


Once you have established the basics, start to prepare a meal plan. Keep breakfasts simple unless you want to spend time doing a lot of galley clean up in the am. I tend to do cereal with mild, or granola with yogurt, and then some fruit, coffee and juice. I’m not a big breakfast person at home, so making pancakes, French toast, eggs Bennie, etc., is not something I do on the boat. However, make sure this is good with your crew!

Breakfast Ideas: muffins, cereal w/ milk, granola w/ yogurt, toast w/ PB&J

My Pinterest board for make boat meals.


I like to keep lunches pretty straightforward as well and am a fan of anything that can be premade. This way you do not have someone down below trying to make food, and also, as soon as you get hungry it is available. I often get so busy on the boat that I don’t realize I am famished, until it is too late! HAHA. So I try to keep a schedule and keep meals at the ready.

Lunch Ideas: wraps, sandwiches, soup (depending on sea state), charcuterie board, veggies and dip, salads


Many charter boats do not have BBQs, so don’t plan on having one, or ask the charter company about it first. For dinners I love one pot meals, salads, charcuterie, and I don’t tend to do many oven meals. Depends on the time of year and what the weather is like, but sometimes you do not want to be down below cooking away in a hot galley after a long day out in the sun. So try to have some uncooked meal ideas.

Dinner Ideas: one-pot lemon chicken, shrimp stir-fry, Mediterranean salads, charcuterie, bubble and squeak, Buddha bowls, sushi,

PRO TIP: everything tastes better on a boat! After spending time out in the fresh air and elements, keep your meals simple. You can definitely create tasty, quick, meals with just a few ingredients. No need to get fancy! The crew will be happy with whatever they are provided! Hopefully…

Don’t forget your FREE Provisioning Checklist!

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