Episode #001 Your Pocket Sailing Instructor Podcast: My Top 10 Comfort Items for Sailors


With Christmas just around the corner I have created another Top 10 list! This time it is all about comfort for your sailor on the boat. So for this episode I am assuming your sailor has a sailboat, or access to a sailboat. So sit back, relax and enjoy this fun list!

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My top 10 Comfort Items for Sailors list comes from many years of sailing in Canada. It can get wet, cold and I currently sail all year round out here in BC! So spoiled! I ski in the morning and sail in the afternoon. Doesn’t get much better than that! So this list is from my experience and is tailored to making things warm, cozy, easy, fun and safe. So, here we go!

My Top 10 Comfort Items for Sailors

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Questions to Ask

Remember these key things when you are shopping for your sailor:

  • Is this item multipurpose?
  • Is this item easy to use?
  • Is this item durable and not breakable?
  • Is this item easy to store?
  • Is this item practical?

And of course, will this item make boat life better?

Thanks for tuning in this week and I look forward to bring you many more items in other episodes!

Your coach,

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