So I leave Nelson on Thursday to head to Hawaii for the Vic-Maui boat delivery. I will be bringing Turnagain back home to Vancouver!

I am doing my last minute prep and packing and thought I would share what I am bringing along…

For a trip like this you really end up living in the same clothes over and over again. You are either in warm dry weather or cold wet weather. The key for me is staying dry and warm, so I’ll have 2 of each thing so one can dry while the other “ripens” 😉

Personal Safety Gear

For my personal safety gear I have updated my PFD and tether. Other than that, these are pretty standard items, and I am not bringing along a PLB (personal locator beacon).

  • Spinlock inflatable PFD + spare canister
  • Safety tether
  • Knife (a bit overkill on this one, but I cannot find my leatherman…)
  • Sailing gloves
  • Personal headlamp with red night light
  • foul weather gear (went with the HH Aegir set)
Personal Meds & Misc.

For this “category” I have the usual stuff like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and some facial wipes. Then I have some extras including a plethora of seasickness meds and tricks (Gins Gins are delish for this!), as well as some bone broth and electrolytes to avoid dehydration.

I have also included an eye mask for daytime sleeping, earplugs, notebook, solar charger for GoPro/cell/camera, water bottle, coffee press, kangol hat, personal handheld compass (because I LOVE my compass and am a nav geek), and sun glass tether because my husband is convinced I am dropping my new Oakley Prizm Marine sunglasses overboard. No faith.

Base Layers

As noted above, I am expecting two types of weather: warm or cold. So my base layers reflect that…

So on the left we have my warm, thick base layers, and on the right are my lighter, cool base layers. Ironic how I hate being cold and all my thick layers are black… coincidence? I think not! Read up on base layer selection here.

Basically my thick base layers are heavy gauge MEC and Ice Breaker brands. I also included my Under Armour Heat tech running shirt since it has a hood with a ponytail hole and anyone who knows me knows that my hair is up 90% of the time.

My lightweight base layers are Merino cool wool and basically quick dry Lulu running shorts. I also bought a couple of new Merino wool bras which I am super excited about because they are so comfortable.


Other than that I have my kindle with the Game of Thrones series, Swell for Travis to read, a couple bathing suits for showers, sleeping bag, pillow, notebook for diary entries and some headphones for me time. Going to be an epic trip and I’m ready!


Captain Penny


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