Episode #043: Your Pocket Sailing Instructor Podcast Beating the winter blues! How I stay engaged in my sailing over the winter…

Alright winter sucks for us northern sailors! True, I am lucky that my boat is in the water, but it’s cold! I haven’t sailed in months and I’m going through withdrawal (the winter blues)! So, I thought I would let you in on my “happy list”. The list of things that I do throughout the winter to keep me looking forward to next season and making sure I’m ready to make the most of it! Enjoy!

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A list of things to do…

As always I have a variety of ideas for you to keep the sailing love alive during the winter to beat the winter blues. Hopefully you find a couple ideas that work for you!

  • Read a good sailing book!
  • Learn a new knot! Animated Knots is great for this…
  • Gear checks – pull off your sails, check for wear and tear.
  • Canvass replacement – do you need to fix or replace anything for your dodger/bimini?
  • Take measurements for new sails if you have access to your boat
  • Chart review & checking out some new sailing destinations!
  • Draw or sketch out some new anchorages… great way to get to know the specific area
  • Take a course! Lots of online courses are available… Google it!
  • Inventory: spare parts, engine parts, tools, first aid kits, electrical parts, etc.
  • YouTube: enjoy someone else’s journey… Erik Aaderaa, Sailing Project Atticus, SV Delos
  • Go through personal sailing gear: base layers, shorts, pants, shoes, etc., see what needs to be updated/replaced
  • Make a birthday list! What are some of things you’d LOVE to have on your boat?
  • Winter boat sleepover! Climb up in there, grab a heater, a sleeping bag and have some slumber fun!
  • Create your diagrams! Create diagram of safety gear, spare tools/parts, thru hulls, electrical diagrams, etc.
  • Update your boat binder! Keep you manuals up to date…
  • Create a Pinterest board about reorganizing your boat…
  • Boat meal plan! Pull together some of your favourite recipes
  • Sew some boat sheets for your v-berth and bunks
  • Learn a new skill! Fiber glassing, engine maintenance, splicing, navigation, etc.

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