Episode #010: Your Pocket Sailing Instructor Podcast: Foul Weather Gear Selection: My Top Tips!

Foul weather gear is a large investment in your sailing gear, however if you select the appropriate gear for the kind of sailing you are planning to do, it can be invaluable. Today I will bring you through my Foul Weather Gear Checklist. It is my fail safe shopping list to make sure you get the gear you need.

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I have created a downloadable checklist for you to help find the PERFECT foul weather gear!

Download it NOW and find the right gear for you!

There are several things to consider when you are purchasing foul weather gear. These are the ones at the top of my list: quality, versatility, budget and durability. Do you see my Scottish side bleeding through? LOL. I want good bang for my bucks! However, price aside, I know that investing in good gear is a very wise choice. Not worrying about how wet and cold you are and being able to focus on your sailing adventure is SO key. So don’t let the price tag sway you… maybe you just need to up your budget and save up for a little bit longer.

Performance Needs

What type of sailing and you doing and when? This will really decide what you need in the end, but for your gear you are looking for: windproof, waterproof, breathable, lightweight and durable. This applies to the pants and jacket.

Fit Basics – Jacket

Fit Basics – Pants

Moving along we get into the fun part of selecting your gear: the accessories! Now this is a place where you can really get carried away and fall into the trap of looking for too much. Don’t let all those extra loops and pockets fool you! They may not be necessary… Here are the accessories that I have found valuable for my gear:



A few years back I signed up to deliver a boat from Hawaii to Victoria. I was in the market for new gear so I wrote up a blog post about some of the things I looked into when I was shopping for my new gear. You may find some useful tips in there!


Happy shopping!

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