Category: Gear Review

Sail Selection Part 4 – New Sail Love

Well I have had my new 110% jib for about two months now. Receiving that shipment in the mail was like Christmas! Sheet Position So far I am figuring out the best position for my sheets relative to my standing rigging and fairlead track….

Gear Review – Base Layers

So, further to my blog on foul weather gear, I mentioned that I would follow up with a base layer gear review. First we need to establish our wish list: warm breathable low stink factor (since I’ll be wearing them a few times over…

Gear Review – Duffel Bags & Packing Cubes

Next gear review: duffel bags & packing cubes! Just as your foul weather gear selection is important, so is the bag that you use to transport everything. When I was living on a boat in Georgian Bay I used to drag around a hockey…

Gear Review: PFDs & Tethers

Alright, so the next area of major consideration for my Hawaii trip is my personal safety gear. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate personal safety gear when embarking on a trip, not the boat owners. Therefore, I will need to…