Sail Nelson is proud to host a free safe boating community event for all community members on May 25, 2019! Come out and learn how to be safe around and on the water! Our partners are eager to share their knowledge and information with you to help you have a fun and safe summer. Learn more about this event at Nelson Safe Water & Boating Event 2019!!

Why did I plan this event? 

This cause is near and dear to my heart as a safe boating educator. I am passionate about having fun and going on adventures, but I also always try to be prepared. Far too often I meet people who have not prepared and who have found themselves in precarious situations. I have had some close calls myself out on the water, some of which keep me up at night, and eventually I will share them in another post. For now, I will settle with doing my part to provide our community with more information.

My motivations…

I have had a lifelong dream of opening my own sailing school. I think this is because of the boating education I received as a youngster. I have always enjoyed school and the fact that I got to go to sailing “school” (albeit in the summer) was just awesome to me. Then, I became an instructor and people actually paid me to take them sailing. Are you kidding me? This was the best deal going.

After 15 years of solid teaching I decided that I should probably get myself a real job and put my dream of running a sailing school on hold (what was I thinking?). Well, clearly that didn’t cut it for me as here we are. I have relocated my family to Nelson BC and have been able to pursue and grow my passion by founding Sail Nelson!

The next big ticket on my bucket list was creating a free safe water and boating event for the community. Who are we kidding? I want to create THE safe water and boating event! The one that everyone wants to be a part of… the type of event people write on their kitchen calendars and remind their kids about when they tuck them in at night — ok I might be pushing it here, but you get the idea!


And so, the first Nelson Safe Water & Boating Event is planned for May 25 2019 and I am SO excited! Now I just need the community to show up… details.

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