Guest Post by Lydia Di Francesco, Certified Personal Trainer with Fit + Healthy 365

As a sailor you’ve got a lot of pulling, lifting, moving, balancing and so on as you navigate your way around the boat. The tasks to keep the boat moving smoothly on the water require strength and agility.

When Sail Nelson’s owner and head instructor Penny asked me to design a workout specifically for sailors, I said yes right away. We talked about the type of movements sailors do on the boat so I could create a workout that developed the right type of strength for those moves.


Typical Sailing Tasks

Some of the tasks you typically do on a boat include tacking and gybing, hardening and easing the sheets, hoisting or dowsing the sails, and lugging around heavy sail bags, to name a few.

These tasks involve a lot of back strength, core strength, balance, coordination, and lower body strength.

Here’s the workout I designed to fit these movement patterns and strength needs.

The BEST Workout for Sailors

The workout is broken into 2 supersets of 3 exercises each. Complete each superset doing the exercises one after another. Rest of 30-45 seconds then repeat the superset for a total of 3 times. Move on the next superset following the same format.

Equipment: dumbbells, resistance band (such as these ones), or household objects like heavy bags or laundry containers

Superset 1

– lateral squat walk x 10 steps each way

– upright row x 10

– bodyweight shoulder press x 10

Superset 2

– deadlift to clean x 10

– 1 leg standing superman with row x 10 each side

– renegade row (beginner: no weight, intermediate+: dumbbells)

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Have fun with the workout and happy sailing!

Coach Lydia


Lydia Di Francesco helps busy professional women get strong and fit through short, effective workouts so they can keep doing the fun things they love! She is the Founder of Fit + Healthy 365 and Creator of the 15 Minute Workout Club, her signature online fitness program. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Lydia educates clients and the public that healthy living doesn’t need to be complicated. She promotes simple, fun exercise and creating a healthy mindset with a long-term approach to wellness.

Lydia makes regular appearances as a Fitness Expert on CTV Ottawa Morning Live and Rogers Daytime Ottawa. She is also an international best selling author, a Huffington Post Contributor and has been published in the national health and fitness magazine OptiMyz.

Photo Credit: Kootenay Lake Sailing Association


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