New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you a New Year’s Resolution kind of person?

Well, I am not. I used to make New Year’s resolutions when I was younger, but as I have aged (like a fine wine I like to say!), I have realized that if something is worth doing, I need to get off my boat and do it! If you are someone who can set resolutions and stick to them, my hat is off to you!


I do think a new year, however, is a great time to reflect on what you accomplished the previous year and what goals you want to hit this year. 2017 turned out to be an exciting year for Sail Nelson as we really started to offer more courses in the Kootenays and we started our on-water sailing series. We taught over 100 people to be safer boaters in the Kootenay Region in 2017 and have reached hundreds of people around the world through our website, Facebook, Instagram and our blog. We are quite happy about this considering we are still figuring out what to offer, when and to whom! Clearly we are doing something right…


Sail Nelson has started to find it’s way in the Kootenay culture and has started to understand where we may fit in and how we can contribute to our community. We are working on many exciting community events for 2018 that we are really excited to share – watch Facebook for announcements!

The biggest addition to Sail Nelson in 2017 was our new boat Spindrift. We are so excited to have her out here on Kootenay Lake and we are looking forward to having her explore her new playground – a wee bit different from the salty Saint Lawrence! We are having fun getting to know her ins and outs.


If you make New Year’s resolutions good for you! If you are like me and you sit down and start writing up some goals, achievements or milestones, I hope your planning is going well! For those of you who do neither, enjoy the snow and see you at Whitewater!

Happy New Year from Sail Nelson and we hope 2018 brings great health, family, fun, and epic sailing!

Captain Penny


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