Learn how to safely navigate your vessel in unfamiliar waters with our Coastal Navigation course! Learn the fine art of plotting, chart-reading, taking bearings and much more!

Sail Canada has introduced two new Coastal Navigation standards: Basic Coastal Navigation and Intermediate Coastal Navigation.

What is Coastal Navigation?

Coastal Navigation is the art of safely navigating your vessel from Point A to Point B (and everything in between!). Knowing how to read charts, use your GPS and understand the weather & sea conditions are key skills for all mariners.

Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to take the Basic Navigation course. However, in order to proceed to the Intermediate Navigation course you must have successfully completed the Basic Navigation course.

Why do I need Coastal Navigation?

Coastal Navigation is an essential part of your seamanship toolbox. It is essential for you to know where you are going, how to get there safely, and what to do when plans change! Many of us now use technology to guide our daily decisions, however, what if your GPS or cellphone no longer works? You are legally required to carry paper charts on your vessel and you must know how to read and accurately plot your position.

Navigation certification is also frequently a requirement for many charter companies. If you are hoping to one day sail off into the sunset, this course is for you.

What is the course format?

Sail Nelson offers this course right here in the Kootenays over 7 evenings. This is a classroom based course where everything is hands on. You will receive all of the tools, textbook and supplies needed to start your navigation adventure off on the right foot!

What will I get?

Upon successful completion of the Basic Coastal Navigation course you will receive the Sail Canada Basic Coastal Navigation Standard. You are then eligible to move up to the Intermediate Coastal Navigation Standard, which follows the same format and scheduling.

What’s the next step?

If you have already completed your Basic Cruising course, the next step would be the Intermediate Cruising course. Prepare yourself for some boat chartering!