Episode #040: Your Pocket Sailing Instructor Podcast Boat Show Season! How to make the most of your boat show visit!

boats near dock
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Well it is boat show season! And this means freebies, great deals, new products, drool-worthy boats, and so much more! This week I’m providing you with my tips on how to make the most of your visit!

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Top Tips for Boat Shows…

  1. Dress appropriately: comfortable shoes, not too many layers, are backpacks allowed?
  2. Research: try to figure out where different things are such as food courts, washrooms, vendors, boats, vehicle parking, security measures, etc.
  3. Online purchases: buy tickets ahead of time, check out the speaker list and educational seminars.
  4. Wish list: during your research, put together a list of vendors or items you’d like to purchase. Bring paper/pen with you along with any dimensions for items you are looking to purchase.
  5. Deals & freebies: there will be many deals and freebies at the show for you! However, a lot of websites put up deals online during this time. Also, there are many freebies that you will get at the show that are always fun to use on your boat too!

In the end, plan for your boat show visit!

As usual, I think that planning your trip out will help you get the most out of your boat show time. Plan out who you want to go see for any free educational seminars, figure out which vendors are interesting for you, and see if there are any great deals to be had for any upgrades you are looking to do. Most of all, have fun dreaming about your future boating adventures!

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