Episode #025: Your Pocket Sailing Instructor Podcast Purchasing & Owning a New Boat! Now what?!

What an exciting adventure you are embarking on! Boat ownership! I hope you have deep pockets 😉 lol. Kidding. Owning a boat can be a very satisfying and rewarding thing, especially if you enjoy putting in some elbow grease and getting to know your new vessel. But, before you jump in with both feet, what should you do?

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Should you get a survey?

This is a loaded question and can be a very personal question for some. I, personally, think you should invest in a boat survey. A lot of insurance providers will require one as well. I will discuss that more below.

What is the value of a boat survey? Well, a surveyor will have tools and information that are unique to the industry and your type of boat. If you are buying a boat in the $10k range I would get a survey. If you are looking for a fixer-upper around $2k-$3k, then you may forgo the survey knowing that you are buying the boat as is…

What about insurance?

Some boat owners will decide to add the boat to their home insurance, while others will get a boat-specific insurance. Overall I find that the insurance landscape for boaters is changing and more often than not you are required to provide photos and an up-to-date survey for your boat. Some home insurance companies in Canada will no longer let you add your boat to your home policy. A couple boat specific companies in Canada include Skippers Plan and Navis.

What amenities do I have available to me?

Depending on what amenities are available in your area, you may need to purchase extra things with your boat such as a trailer. Spindrift came with a boat cradle which is typical for the East Coast where there are lifts at every marina. Unfortunately out here in Nelson, there are no lifts, so the cradle has been repurposed as a fancy wood pile frame.

What type of maintenance should I do?

Yearly – bottom coat, standing rigging, keel bolts, thru-hulls & soft wood plugs, lifelines, stanchions, all hardware bedding for leaks, propeller, handrails, engine (spark plugs, wiring & hoses)

Seasonally Spring/Fall – pre-departure checklist –> engine maintenance, plumbing flush and check for leaks, wiring, brightwork (wood restoration), running rigging, sails, safety gear


Pre-Departure Checklist

Yearly Maintenance

Seasonal Spring/Fall Maintenance


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