Episode #003 Your Pocket Sailing Instructor Podcast: Safety First! What Safety Gear do you Need?

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This episode is all about the required safety gear. We start off talking about the various acts, rules and regulations that make up the framework for safe boating in Canada and then expand from there.

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The Acts & Regulations

Here is the list of acts and regulations that I touched on include:

Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide is your reference for all safety gear mentioned.

Non-Motorized Vessels 6 m or less

What items do you require for your SUP, kayak or canoe? Here’s the list:

Personal Watercraft

In this case we need to add a few things:

  • 5BC fire extinguisher
  • Anchor or paddle with 15 m of rode

NOTE: You cannot wear an inflatable PFD/Lifejacket on a personal watercraft.

Sailboat or Powerboat 6 to 9 m

There are a few things that need to be added when we move up to this size vessel:

  • Manual bailer
  • Fire extinguisher 5BC + additional fire extinguisher for additional sources of fire
  • 6 flares type A, B or C
  • Navigation Lights*
  • Ladder: if your freeboard (distance from waterline to deck) is more than 0.5 m, you require a ladder

* Navigation Lights required for a sailboat:


Create a grab bag for emergencies. Storing your gear together in a dry location will help to make sure it can be quickly accessed and is ready to be used when you need it. Another idea is to create a diagram of the location of safety gear on your vessel. When you have guests on your boat they can refer to the diagram to learn about the boat. Then you have more people who can help if you have an emergency onboard.

Happy grab bag planning!

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