If you are like me, when it comes to your fitness routine you do a variety of things to keep yourself in shape and balanced. It might include yoga, strength work, running, sports, meditation and maybe even regular massage or chiropractor visits.

As I have my trip coming up this summer, I’m starting to work more on a regular fitness routine which includes stability, balance and core strength.

I previously shared a post of a home workout that Coach Lydia Di Francesco put together for Sail Nelson called A Sailor’s Workout. This is a great, fast and easy 15 min workout which can be used as a warm up to your day, or even a quick lunch workout.


But wait, there’s more!

I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve including my secret weapon: Robin Niderost.

Robin in my aunt and she is a conditioning coach for the Bietigheim Steelers a professional hockey team in Germany. Robin has been an athlete and professional fitness coach for many years and has worked with athletes from around the world in a multitude of disciplines. She was even recruited by Cirque du Soleil for her gymnastics skills!

Robin has created a workout playlist specifically for Sail Nelson students on her Facebook page MOVE, SWEAT, LIVE. The playlist is called Grip, Core & Mobility Sports! SAIL NELSON BC! and it includes over 40 videos to help with stability, mobility, balance, strength and much more. There is a huge variety of videos available from yoga, TRX, stability ball movements and even kettlebell workouts to suit different levels of abilities and needs. And, they are all FREE!

Starting a fitness journey can be intimidating and daunting sometimes. However, with a variety of tools and the videos at your disposal from Robin’s page you can get started and work your way through as you see fit. My routine includes the Short Yoga Flow – Hips & Back, followed by a core workout like Intense KB Grip & Core Combos, a TRX workout like the Basic/Balance Full Body TRX workout and then a cool down with a good stretch and roll out on my foam roller.

Which workouts have you tried and what did you like about them? Join Robin’s community and feel free to let her know what other workouts you may be interested in! I know I keep asking for more videos on specific things and she keeps making them! Hundreds are in her library and it’s been a great resource for me when I’m looking to mix it up.

I’ll be blogging about my workouts and nutrition as I go so stay tuned for more fitness tips and gear reviews!

Happy Training,

Captain Penny




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