Sail Training

Our Learn to Sail courses are taught on keelboats between 24-28 feet. A keelboat is a large sailboat with a fixed lead fin (keel) which helps to stabilize the boat.

Our boats are fully registered and compliant will all Transport Canada Registered Boating School (RBS) safety requirements. Our boats are safe, reliable and comfortable to sail.

Our sailing courses take a maximum of 4 students. This enables us to provide the best one-on-one support for our students and provides them with the best learning platform possible.

Upon successful completion of our courses, the students receive Sail Canada certifications and are registered with BC Sailing.

Available courses include:

Intro to Sailing: New to sailing and not sure if it is for you? This 1-day introduction may be just what you need to fall in love with sailing.

Basic Sailing: The Basic Cruising Standard is the platform for all of your sailing adventures to come. You will learn everything you need to know to confidently skipper a sailboat 6 – 9 meters in length.

Intermediate Sailing: The Intermediate course is for more advanced sailors who are looking to charter boats or interested in boat ownership. This course is taught in a live-aboard format out of Vancouver.

Mileage Builder: Looking for some time out on the water with some friends brushing up on some sailing skills? Come out and enjoy a sailing brush-up seminar!

Women & Wind Sailing: Sail Nelson is proudly owned and operated by a female sailor and we are happy to offer women only courses. Come on out and make some new friends on the water while learning the ropes.

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