Sailing Brush-Ups

Looking for some time out on the water with some friends brushing up on some sailing skills? Come out and enjoy a sailing brush-up seminar!

Sail Nelson offers plenty of opportunities for you to hang out with some friends and work on your sailing skills. These afloat seminars are meant to be laid back and will provide you with some new skills and knowledge. Feel free to let us know if there is something specific you want to work on.

OBJECTIVE: To get out with some friends and have some fun furthering your sailing skills.

PREREQUISITES: Sailing or boating experience is recommended.

LOCATION: Prestige Marina, 701 Lakeside Dr Nelson BC V1L 6G3

Just Sail Series

Looking to get out and brush-up on your sail trim, traveller position, fairlead position, tacking and gybing? This 3-hour seminar is for you!  $105 + GST/session & only 4 people per session

Monday, August 26, 5 – 8 pm

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Anchoring 1-0-1

Are you never quite sure that your anchor is properly set? Have you had  a bad experience or two? Come out and learn a few new tricks to make sure that anchor holds so you can relax! $80 + GST/session

Dates TBD

Anchoring Infographic 

* 5% GST added to each transaction upon checkout

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