Basic Cruising – Challenge

IMG_5652Do you have a lot of miles under your keel, but have not taken a certification course? Are you looking to charter a boat, but they want to see you know your stuff? This is the course for you! Come out and challenge the Sail Canada Basic Cruising Standard

OBJECTIVE:  This challenge is designed for sailors who have extensive knowledge of boating and who are comfortable executing the following maneuvers: tacking, gybing, heaving-to, crew overboard under sail and power, knot tying, anchoring, navigation, among other things. Please see the Basic Cruising Standard for full details.

FORMAT: This challenge will happen over 1 day (or more as needed). This is private instruction and can be completed on our Aloha 28. Please advise us if you are planning to have any crew with you.

PREREQUISITES: Extensive sailing experience. Please contact us to discuss your experience to ensure that this challenge will meet your needs.

FEE: $325.00/day

CERTIFICATIONS AWARDED: Sail Canada Basic Cruising Standard


Please contact us to set up a time that works for you!

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